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Michelle Jane Go

Global Ambassador at EC Business

My Story

Hi, I am Michelle Jane Go. 🖐

A Global Ambassador of Empowered Consumerism.

For you to make a better sense of what I’m about to tell you, please allow me to tell you a little about myself. 

I am blessed to be born in a family who owns a successful distribution business.

From an early age, perhaps at the age of 5, I grew up with my mind being molded into thinking that soon, I’ll also be managing and helping in the family business once I finish college. 

I had no issues with it, since it was part of Filipino-Chinese tradition.

However, my view on the matter took a radical change when my eldest brother, Mark James casually told me that:

“Iba ang yaman ng magulang natin sa yaman natin. Dapat may sarili din tayong negosyo at pinagkakakitaan.”

( “Our parents’ wealth is different from ours. We should have our own business and income.” )

I never thought that those words coming from my brother, someone who seemed carefree and far from being business-minded, will have such a huge impact on me.

Those simple words were enough to influence me checking out what my brother was into: Empowered Consumerism.


I gave this a shot and do the business part time (yes, you can do it part time).

Soon after I graduated from college,

I made this as my career.

True enough, I got my 1st Million and 1st car Honda Jazz at the age of 21.

Then my 2nd car Honda CrZ Sports Hybrid.

3rd car Ford Escape compact SUV.

and 4th car BMW 420d Gran Coupé Luxury.

I‘ve been to 19 countries because of this business.

Cars, travels, savings and continuous big income are bonuses when you do this business.

The biggest reward that I sincerely appreciate from Empowered Consumerism is that it also provides me with the means to share and help others achieve the same success that I have experienced so far.

This is why I am personally extending this invitation to you. I want you to reward yourself with the opportunity to grow financially, as well as progress positively in the various aspects of your life.

True to my words, “Helping others achieve their dreams is my mission.” 

Again, I am Michelle and I’m willing to help you.

Empowered Consumerism is a Proven and Fast Growing Marketing Company

This Business Opportunity gave me the Chance to start a Worldclass and Profitable Business with the little capital that I have.

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